About Us

This website was created for members of The Washington Post Alumni Group on Facebook by:

Laura Zigli Black
TWP Alumni News Webmaster
Email: webmaster@twp-alumninews.org
TWP Employment:   March 1989 - March 1995:   Systems & Engineering - Programmer/Analyst; Systems Manager

Martin J. Kady
Facebook TWP Alumni Group Administrator/Creator
Email: MartinJKady@twp-alumninews.org
TWP Employment:   July 1971-December 2008:   Advertising salesperson; Senior Advertising Manager/Automotive; General Manager/Community Advertising/The Extras.

Al Wenzel
Technical Historian
Email: AlWenzel@twp-alumninews.org
TWP Employment:   October 1962 - August 2001:   Accounting; Advertising and Circulation Receivables; Advertising Sales Information, Budgeting and Forecasting.

In addition, the following people from the Facebook TWP Alumni Group Board of Directors also serve as advisors to this site:

*Note: If you have any old Shop Talks, photos, or any other "scannable item" for this site, please email Al Wenzel.



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