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Here are some links to blogs and websites related to Washington Post alumni. If you would like to submit a link, please email the link information (url and short description) along with your name and TWP employment dates and department/title to

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Cuban Poster Gallery The Cuban Poster Gallery
We hope you enjoy our eBay Store devoted to Cuba's famed silk-screen movie posters. You are also invited to make an appointment to visit our in-home gallery in Georgetown, where we offer lots of unusual gift possibilities, including Cuban propaganda and solidarity posters with Asian, African and Latin American themes. Questions?

Bill Brubaker - Staff Writer: Sports, Metro, Financial and Continuous News (1985-2008)
Dollars and Sense Dollars and Sense
I wrote a book on personal finance: Dollars and Sense – Ten Fundamentals of Financial Success. Always glad to hear from fellow former Posties looking for financial advice or just a chance to reminisce about the good ol’ days!

David Greene - The Washington Post Company; Corporate Office (1999-2006)
Stellar Coaching Stellar Coaching
We help clients address management challenges, strengthen team dynamics, and communicate effectively, helping their organizations achieve their missions.

Miriam (Bamberger) Grogan - Advertising Administration (1989-1994)
Prime Movers Media Prime Movers Media
In 2004 at George Washington University, I was fortunate (with a lot of help) to start a program called Prime Movers. Essentially, it's a program in which we send professional journalists and GW interns into DC public schools to help high school students create or revitalize their high school media. We work across all platforms.

Dorothy Gilliam - Reporter, Assistant Editor in Style, Metro columnist, Director of Young Journalists Development Program. (1961-65; 1972-2003)
Thorntree Design Thorntree Design
Since retiring from TWP in 2007 I am enjoying a return to my roots as a Graphic Designer. I specialize in print design and preparation of files for printing. I work from my home office in Gaithersburg, MD. Visit my site for a view of some of my work. I am expanding into web design and am creating my new web site using Adobe Dreamweaver. I teach Adobe software at Montgomery College in Rockville and am available for training for businesses in the area.

Terry Thornton - Ad Operations - Graphic Designer and Educator (1978-2007)
CPR Cell Phone Repair CPR Cell Phone Repair
My partner Ginette and I own and operate a CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise in St Petersburg, FL. We repair, renew, recycle all sorts of electronic devices -phones, tablets (mostly iPads and Kindles), iPods, laptops, GPS systems and gaming systems like wii's and xbox - we even buff scratches out of gaming dvd's.

Catherine Campbell - Assistant to the Publisher (Don), Circulation Manager (Retail Sales and Home Delivery), Call Center Manager, Director of Circulation Accounting (1984-2007)
Lucia Eastep Lucia Eastep, Realtor® -- Long & Foster Real Estate -- Licensed in Virginia & Maryland
You may remember me as Lucia Litterio Boger. I started my career in 1979 and worked my way up and around Advertising, Accounting, Customer Service and Springfield Production. I retired in 2009. I sell real estate now and love it! Please visit my website and view my YouTube video. I put a little blurb about my experience at The Post.

Lucia Litterio Boger - Advertising, Accounting, Customer Service and Springfield Production (1979-2009)
Leigh Blecki Leigh Hannagan Blecki - Northern Virginia Real Estate Services
Please contact me if you are thinking about buying, selling or renting a home in the Northern Virginia area. My 12 years in the Washington Post advertising department -- as an advertising coordinator, sales rep and manager -- provides me a great background for the Real Estate industry. I very much enjoy being a Realtor and would love to help fellow TWP alums with their real estate needs.

Leigh Blecki - Advertising (1998-2011)
DC Fifties DC Fifties
This site is about living in DC during the 50's and the schools we all went to.

Richard Beasley - Mailroom (NW/SE/MD); hourly employee and Superintendent; (1958-2000)
Wag More Dogs Wag More Dogs
Cage-free dog daycare, boarding and grooming service located directly on the Shirlington Dog Park. Featuring playrooms designed with safety and comfort in mind including cushioned rubber flooring to prevent fatigue, walls instead of chain link, web cams for peace of mind and state of the art climate control to ensure clean air, playground equipment and toys.

Kim Houghton - Sales Rep, Trainer - Advertising (1987-2009)
Arden Consulting Arden Consulting
Nedra Weinstein is the Principal of Arden Consulting which provides comprehensive organization development services in the areas of: Strategic Planning and Implementation, Leadership and Team Development, Small and Large Group Facilitation, Training, Leadership Coaching, and Change Management.

Nedra Weinstein - Assistant Manager for the OD & Training Department
Tickle the Wire Tickle the Wire
The site tracks the latest in federal law enforcement news.

Allan Lengel - Federal and Local Law Enforcement; Real Estate - Business Section   (1997-2008)
Single Independent Sistah Single Independent Sistah
Statistics show that more than 70% of professional, black women are single. This blog chronicles one woman's experiences as a Single Independent Sistah, and I'm hoping to get some feedback, advice from other single, independent sistahs, and maybe offer some encouragement, too.

Tracy L. Scott - Copy Editor / Staff Writer, TV Week  (1999-2004)
Prospect Hill Cemetery Prospect Hill Cemetery
A historical German cemetery in DC   (Al is the webmaster for this site)

Al Wenzel - Accounting; Advertising and Circulation Receivables; Advertising Sales Information, Budgeting and Forecasting  (1962-2001)
AuthorsDen AuthorsDen
The web site contains summaries and links to some of my recent stories, as well as a brief bio, news and info about my books, etc.

Gene Meyer (no relation) - Washington Post Editorial  (1970-2004)
Terri Shaw Language Services Terri Shaw Language Services
Terri Shaw offers the following professional services: Interpreter, Translator, Editor, Journalist, Ski Instructor

Terri Shaw - Foreign Desk, Home Section  (1970 - 2004)
Social Media Today Social Media Today
Social Media Today LLC helps global organizations create purpose-built B2B social communities designed to achieve specific, measurable corporate goals by engaging exactly the customers and prospects you most want to reach.

Robin Fray Carey - Advertising; National Advertising Manager (1980-1983; 1985-1987)
The Sales Lounge The Sales Lounge
Works with entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide to lead them in sales growth using social media and other new and innovative marketing technologies. Jennifer currently serves as America's First Sales Stylist to entrepreneurs and business owners. She has set out to make business development hip, fun and ultra results oriented.

Jennifer Abernethy - Advertising (1986-2000)
The Claibornes' Australian Web Site The Claibornes' Australian Web Site
An American-Australian Immigrant's View of Life in Oz, in essays and photographs

William Claiborne - Foreign Correspondent / National News Bureau Chief  (1968-2001)
The Camberwell Pétanque Club Piste-Up The Camberwell Pétanque Club Piste-Up
The site carries news about our club but also contains alot of information about the game of Pétanque, which is often played with a glass of good wine in hand.

William Claiborne - Foreign Correspondent / National News Bureau Chief  (1968-2001)
Citizen Media Law Project Citizen Media Law Project
The Citizen Media Law Project, which David directs, provides legal assistance, education, and resources for individuals and organizations involved in online and citizen media.

David Ardia - Assistant Counsel  (2003-2006)
Fred and Hank Mark America Fred and Hank Mark America
Jim and Joan Brady chronicle their their trip across America with their two beagles, Fred and Hank.

Jim Brady - Executive Editor -  (Nov 2004 - Jan 2009)