Shop Talk - 2009

November 5:    20 Year Club Class of '89

October 22:    Post careers now on the Web

September 24:    Town Hall Meeting: 'We Need to be One Company'

September 10:    Newsroom Renovation And Reorganization

August 28:    Young Journalists Find Silver Lining in Tough Economy

August 14:    Post Mobile Site Reaches New Heights

July 31:    College Park Plant Retires

July 17:    A Washington Post Product

June 5:     Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Awards

May 22:     College Park and Springfield Plants' 2009 Awards

May 8:     In Blogs We Trust - A Guide to Post Web Logs

April 24:     Gene Robinson Earns Commentary Pulitzer

March 27:     The Power of Marketing Research

March 13:     Post Photos and Web Content Earn Top Spots in WHNPA Awards

February 27:     Book World's Swift Reincarnation

February 13:     A Homecoming of Sorts (See page 2 for TWP Alumni Group story)

January 29:     'Herculean Effort' on Inauguration Day

January 9:     Washington Post Media's Unchanging Commitment - 2008 Community Report